About This Website

Abolition Plaza began as a camp for the Occupy City Hall protest advocating for the defunding of the New York Police Department.

It has since become a mutual aid hub at the center of New York City where people protest systemic racism, celebrate Black life, and learn to take care of one another in the absence of the state.

Everyone except law enforcement is welcome here.

Recent articles have highlighted how some of the residents of the park are chronically homeless. The way Abolition Park has rallied behind these people and welcomed them into their community, giving them support and engaging with them as valid and valued humans, inspired us to build this website in support of their efforts.

Just as Occupy Wall Street led to Occupy Sandy, one of the nation’s most celebrated grassroots disaster response efforts, Occupy City Hall has led to the establishment of Abolition Park.

Its success is our future.

If you’d like to support the camp, please consider donating supplies, money, or your time and talents to their efforts. Everything is appreciated!